Rescue 大红鹰彩票在线充值 Bags

R.I.T. Bag


Designed for Rapid Intervention Teams to carry spare breathing apparatus to a downed firefighter/rescuer. Two attached compartments hold: A 60 minute compressed air cylinder; A second stage regulator, 30 feet of air hose, and additional rapid intervention equipment to supply … Continued

Troll Bag


Compliments the Hi-Rise Bags. Designed to carry additional equipment such as rubber mallets, blind caps, spare wheels and nozzles that may be required at a stand pipe or to extend a hose line. Two double adjustable straps with plastic clips … Continued

Back Step Bag


Carries supplies typical for hose evolutions: Hydrant adapters, hydrant wrench, other necessary hose, or hydrant equipment. A flip lid with hook & barb enclosure allows full access to the bag interior. Inside is a hook & barb enclosed pouch for … Continued

Cribbing Bag


For plastic or wood cribbing, this bag can hold up to nine 4” x 4” pieces. This four sided bag allows quick access to the cribbing pieces, but keeps them secure during transport. Two double adjustable straps with plastic clips … Continued

Hydraulic Hose Bag


Designed to hold ground-line sections of hydraulic rescue tool hose to keep them properly coiled and to protect the couplings. The material does not absorb mineral oil hydraulic fluid thus keeping the bags from attracting dirt. Each bag is designed … Continued

JYD Sidewinder Bag


This bag is designed to carry the Sidewinder with the second head and the speed handle in a convenient kit form. The inside of the bag has a pocket for the speed wrench as well as a hook & barb … Continued

LDH Wrench Pouch


Designed to hold a hydrant wrench on the end of a large diameter hose. Three hook & barb connecting straps hold the pouch onto a 3”, 4” or 5” hose section. A hook & barb enclosed lid secures the wrench … Continued

Rotary Disc Saw Blade Bag


This bag is designed to hold up to 3 16” rotary saw blades in protective compartments made of heavy duty vinyl coated polyester. For on-the-go use, either metal, masonry, ordinary material or the new super aggressive cutting blades can be … Continued

Hi-Rise Bag Cover – Large


The Hi-Rise bag covers are designed to cover any of the JYD Hi-Rise bags that may be stored on the exterior of the apparatus that is constantly exposed to the environmental elements.  Two hand holds double as strap hold-down points for proper mounting.